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    Hi, I had a difficult time translating this post.
    How may one use the font? Is it free for commercial or just personal use?



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    hi lukas,

    i just tried sending you an email but apparently your inbox is full.
    please erase a message or two!

    otherwise, i love your work.
    i’ll try to send an email again very soon.

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    Hi Lukas,

    I’m designing some training packs for a charity and we want to use a
    font that’s a bit different and I’d love to use your Sketch Rockwell font. I
    was wondering if we could use it for free as it is not for profit?

    I tried emailing you at the address above but it bounced back.

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    Mark McCarthy

    Hi, could you please confirm that Sketch Block is the commercial version of Sketch Rockwell as we would like to purchase the Rockwell typeface.



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    Esther Schmidtsdorff

    Hello Lukas, we would like to use the Sketch Rockwell Fond for a new business to sell Puff´s. As my friend wants to register her new brandmark, does she need to purchage a right to use your font? We just used it for the name and filled the letters.
    Thank you for answering as soon as posible.


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